Premade Book Covers Sell Books

Premade Book Covers Sell Books

Some people like to claim that you shouldn’t evaluate a book based on its cover. This may be true in general but in the literary world , the reality is that the majority of people judge books by their covers. In our society, where the packaging of books is paramount. The cover of your book is your most effective advertising tool and care must be taken to make it look as beautiful as you can.

In fact, it is it is a good idea to begin working at your covers before getting into the work of writing the content. It will assist you in concentrate on the primary idea of your book and help keep you on track while you write.

Book covers make money from books

Consider this for a minute. When book representatives visit bookstores, they do not bring an entire bookcase on their travels. The majority of purchasing decisions are based by looking at the style and sales copies of the covers. This is why an attractive cover is. It should be appealing and pertinent.

The Wall Street Journal says that the average customer takes a book home, is able to spend eight seconds looking at the cover before fifteen seconds perusing the book’s back. This assumes that the spine was attractive enough to convince them to pick the book out of the hundreds of books available in the typical bookshop.

The book’s cover serves two functions. Naturally, it’s there to protect your book’s contents, however, it also serves as an important selling tool. Each word on the cover needs to be targeted to highlight what’s inside. This is your most effective as well as most efficient sales material.

Some Tips For The Front Cover

  • Create a cover that is attractive, unique and interesting enough to draw the attention of readers.
    Make use of professional graphics.
    Choose a brief title that grabs attention immediately.
    The subtitle should be brief and explain the subject matter of the book.
    Do not make more than 12 phrases on your front of the cover.
    Make use of powerful words , that are loaded with positive benefits for readers.
    Cover, the spine, and title must all be saying, “Pick me up!”

Some Tips For The Back Cover

  • This is a crucial sales area and must clearly state: “Buy this book!”
    You can set yourself a goal of writing no over 75 characters on your back cover.
    Find your customer.
    Make sure you have a catchy headline and ask questions that provoke thought.
    Briefly describe what the book’s purpose is and what it can do for the reader.
    What needs are you trying to meet? What is the market you are trying to penetrate? What was your motive for creating this book?
    Add a few brief testimonials and recommendations.
    Make it easier for the customer to purchase your book by explaining specific ways that reading it will benefit them.
    Indicate the category in which the book is in so that it can be placed in the bookshop.
    Incorporate the ISBN as well as the bar code. The bar code is used to identify that ISBN. This is a way to identify the author, publisher and edition.
    Include a brief biographical sketch in your name as the Author.

The cover of your magazine is the most effective advertising tool. Make use of this opportunity to leave an impact.