How Important is a Book Cover Design for Your Book ?

It consists of publishing a book in progress, so that it receives feedback from readers and can be improved and adapted according to market trends. For this model to work, it is important that the book is published on a platform where reader feedback is received and that the book can be easily updated. Fiction books, in turn, can revert to a serial-like model, in which each chapter is published separately and readers follow the plot progress in real time. What is the central point of your plot? Being able to closely follow the progress of the plot is a great benefit. Why would a reader be interested in reading a book in progress? Make the reader doubt who or what the villain is. To create suspense, you must develop in the reader this feeling of “anxious and distressing anticipation” for the events to come. Nonfiction books can be published in full in their minimum viable version, so that all content is reviewed by readers. That is, as little effort as possible should be put into your first public release. Therefore, the book must be published as the minimum viable product.

Characters like Sandor Clegane, the “Hunting Dog”, teach us to see beyond the simple characteristics that define the bad guy and the good guy. Okay, your characters have taken the first real step towards a relationship, whether that step is a kiss or a statement. Other characters who are often labeled Mary Sues/Gary Stus are Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker. A technique that is growing in the publishing market is Lean Publishing, also known as “lean publishing” in Portuguese. Finding what works in the publishing market is great, but you still need to explore your brand’s individuality and put your creativity into play. Choosing just one theme doesn’t mean you’ll have to be stuck with that same idea forever, but that in the current project, that’s your focus. This strategy comes from an ideology in which each book is seen as a startup, a venture that must be tested. So how do you know if you should write a fantasy book or science fiction book?

If you want your book to surprise readers, then you need to think a little more, go further, out of the box. This includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and even non-internet events. Show the world for yourself what everyone’s literature means to everyone. But, deep down, it’s also common that we don’t have enough self-esteem to say loudly and clearly that the whole world should stop to invest in what we have to offer. Often the event’s production team is very small and before the gates open, everyone on the team has to help keep the place organized and decorated for the public, so they won’t be able to give you the necessary attention if you decide to talk to them. Fiction readers, on the other hand, are often interested in greater contact with the author and his creative process. Sometimes the fun is precisely to bet on situations that are so present in the life of the public, that the representation on the screen becomes the most authentic source of entertainment possible. One of the most important things in digital bookstores today is the famous algorithm: it uses information from a particular user’s search, purchase, visualization, etc., crossing with the behavior of others, thus arriving at a true robotic suggestion: who read this, you’ll usually like it; authors that interest the same audience, you who have already bought some gastronomy books are interested in the genre or travel book cover.

It’s important to have a direct presence on social media and interact with your audience, but it’s also a good idea to invest in partnerships. In terms of social networks, blog and email marketing, it is essential to control the frequency of actions. Include proposals for bookstores in this schedule, they are also marketing actions. That is, a method used in content marketing to attract and retain potential customers with continuous strategies. That is, a volunteer who is willing to read and edit your fanfic before publication. The title, synopsis and tags are some of the main reasons for readers to choose your fanfic. Some of our best sellers use this option. That’s your motivation. Competitive analysis is a huge source of inspiration for this step, but you shouldn’t get bogged down in it. This step is for authors who are not yet ready to start writing. Show authors and bookstores that you think about them too. Authors like Virginia Woolf, who use and abuse the stream of consciousness, have texts with long paragraphs, full of the characters’ reveries, which are absolutely essential to the work and the style.