Book Cover Design or The Mind’s Eye View

Book Cover Design or The Mind’s Eye View

As a professional, (not graphic designer who is a hobbyist) I’ve witnessed a variety of fantastic book covers, and many lesser-than-perfect designs. Keep in mind: there’s no bad art, since creative thinking is an amazing thing by its own right and the outward expression of ideas inside more. However, everyone’s eyes see their surroundings and perceive what they observe in different ways and if it is so, then the observations could be biased based on the eye of the individual.

In this regard we can establish the distinction between art and marketability, and then throw relevant conceptual meaning into the air in the interest of fair comparison.

When an author studies my capabilities to develop an idea for their book, web site or other kind of print or web media project, they are able to rely only on my experience in the past with satisfied customers and my current projects that are open to them. That’s the way it should be. However, I try to inform my potential employer that there are many more aspects involved in constructing and delivering a quality final product that I use.

The primary element I aim to incorporate into my work includes the,”personal ideation” which is not mine but that of the authors.

In a way that feeds off that, along with the uniqueness of the product or service that my author offers I utilize my expertise and experience to customize the task to achieve the expected outcome for the writer. This is only the initial draft phase!

Let’s say I’m working on an image for the cover of a book an non-fiction title. The book’s subject is paperclips, it’s a “paperclip”.

The author is trying to advertise and sell this book by using a flashy and appropriate book cover. This could make a profit on a number of books. So , do I say,”What do I do with a simple paperclip? “, or do I say,”O.K. I’ll find out from the writer what importance this paperclip has played in their lives? “.

It just happens that the writer has one eye that is blind and this is the result of an injury he suffered when a child at school in the elementary grades. It’s true my creative juices flow. I’m able to express artwork in the form of emotions, trauma, anger and Seeded Issues… resulted through the,”Paperclip”.

Then, after speaking and listening to my creator I imagine the school desk with an eyeball and a cane that is made of the paperclip, and the list goes on…

I can think of a lifetime. This is a benefit in my profession.

How do I get it to be marketable? I can think of several options. I’ll look into paperclips connected with trauma, accidents and Teachers, School… Then, after doing the research, I will choose a subject which is relevant to the visual representation and information in the book. There are a lot of pieces that are devoid of content, however the reason that lies behind them is what attracts readers. Making that text an aesthetic curiosity it gives rise to marketing. This is only the art concept , but naturally , keywords such as meta data, optimization and other elements play an important purpose in the execution of marketing strategies.