Book Cover Design Made Easy

Book Cover Design Made Easy

The book you wrote is completed. It’s a text file that is ready to format to print. All you have to do for now is an cover, and the book is finished!

A tight budget means it’s impossible to create a custom artwork made for your cover however, you’d like to grab the attention of the reader. You need it to stand out in the crowd of books in the store and also among the other ebooks on the online store.

What should an author do?

It may sound like a difficult scenario, but there’s an simple solution -it’s the background photo. Pick the perfect background, and your book will appear professional, even with its affordable cost.

Choose a theme that is suited to the book’s subject. Choose a striking flower backdrop for a book about gardening or a beach-themed background for a book about travel or even dollars to cover a finance book. The choices will depend on the way you plan to use the cover image.

Let’s look at the possibilities. Let’s first look at wrapping the cover around. It will use an image that is horizontal, and uses the right-hand side of the picture as the front cover. The picture wraps around the spine of the book and leaves the left side of the image to be used for an back-cover. After that, you can place your font on the image and ensure that the font is clear. Use the areas in the photo for clarity. You can also use bold fonts when necessary. It is also possible to alter the image so that it prints with less than the full saturation of ink and leave you with a light background that doesn’t compete the text. Also, you can put light or white text over the dark areas in your photo.

Another option is to use vertical images that are used as your front cover. The spine and the back cover could be in a solid color that matches the color of your scheme. Simply add your name.

Backgrounds using photos will provide your book with professional appearance at only a fraction of the price of a traditional book cover. Be careful A poor photo could help you save money, but it will not enhance your reputation as professional.

Be sure your image is bigger than the book’s cover and print with 300 dots/in. The printer will have to trim the book to the specified dimensions.