Book Cover Design is Super Important

Book Cover Design is Super Important

Do not judge books based on its cover, isn’t it? Wrong. Everybody does it.

Consider it for an instant.

Is there anything that’s first you notice when you walk through the bookshop? A spine that is a part of the covers (most books are stocked with spines out). It must be visible from a distance of six feet and be the title that grabs your attention and draws you closer.

A curious user will go through the book and examine the cover. They will give an average of 10 seconds to pique their attention by displaying the title, a captivating or informative subtitle, and amazing images. If they fail your reader, they’ll be able to return it.

When the cover is successful your potential customer will flip the book over and look at the back cover. Give the book about 20-30 seconds for him to be convinced to take the book out to look inside to see what’s in it.

If it’s a non-fiction book, only then will the reader spend time looking at the contents table, and should they be interested read the book to see photographs, catchy headlines, sub-heads as well as the general layout. You might even stop to read the paragraph here or there. Some readers will choose for the initial page or paragraph, some prefer reading the final page or paragraph (different ways of reading for different readers and readers, as you can imagine).

The cover of your book should accomplish three things in the initial few seconds — draw their attention, entice them, and offer them an incentive to read more.

The cover of your book is thus, a crucial element to your book’s success, and should not be undertaken on a shoestring.

An artist who is skilled may or may not make an effective cover designer. There’s more involved in creating a high-quality quality, attractive book cover than just beautiful art. Be cautious if you or your designer choose to use stock images or illustrations, because the artwork or photo that you choose could end up on other covers too. Are you really going to see your cover artwork on a different book?

Every book that is that is published online on sites ( for one…but it’s not only the one) You or your designer ought be thinking about how the book will appear when it is reduced to a thumbnail size. Will it still make an impact? Does it cause the potential client to stop for long enough to learn more?

Making appealing cover designs for books is an art itself. Find out as much as you can about the subject, even if hiring an artist, and then peruse the shelves of libraries and bookstores to look at what others have created, I use 2 providers for books, one is the and this other one is perfect for anyone looking for book covers for sale.

In the end, your book is likely to be evaluated by its cover, at least at first, mroe on bravejournal and blogspot.